What is expected from the new inspector-general of the Republic.

The controller today met the U-bank as thanks for their support during the elections in the Congress of the Republic.

For the president of the Senate, Ernesto Macías, the elect Comptroller General of the Republic, Carlos Felipe Córdoba, took possession and said that he would not become a controller of the office, "receiving reports, independent of national reality", so he will travel through the country to listen to people.

He also stressed that public resources must be a factor of progress and development and not of manipulation and corruption. "We will go hand in hand with the citizens, international organizations, with the other entities of control and the government, so that the corrupt ones have no chances", he argued.

This after the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic chose Córdoba, as the successor of Edgardo Maya Villazon, with 75 votes from the Senate and 128 from the House of Representatives, for a total of 203 votes. While Julio Cesar Cárdenas received 31 votes, José Félix Lafaurie 12, José O & # 39; Meara voted a voice and another White.

The auditor must now ensure proper management of the Colombian patrimony and public finances until 2022, a period in which the citizen's confidence in the tax control entity must recover.

For this reason, EL PILÓN consulted with the Cesare congresses on their election and what is expected of this new official.
Some responded, but communication was not possible with others.

Didier Lobo declared himself disabled

The day on which the senators and representatives of the House were called to carry out the election of the new general inspector of the Republic began by voting the barriers of 37 congressmen, of which only 23 were accepted.

Among them was the presentation of Cesar Senator Didier Lobo Chinchilla, who did not vote and resigned from the district, because an investigation was conducted at the Comptroller General into alleged irregularities in the school food program for the period 2012-2015, when he was mayor of the municipality of La Jagua de Ibirico.

However, Lobo Chinchía believes that it was an election that was carried out transparently and that for democracy Carlos Felipe Córdoba It took 203 votes and was elected by most of the groups that today represent the Congress of the Republic, "also with an excellent summary."

"We hope that it is a controller who defends the interests of all Colombians, who is responsible for the management of resources, but also that it is an inspector who grants justice and impartiality, not that it is a passionate official for the different political sectors and for those who do not. " They belonged to their political groupings because it caused a lot of damage to the Comptrollers Office, which ultimately results in building findings against those who consider it as and favors his group of friends, "said the Congressman.

The Senator is of the opinion that Córdoba has a great responsibility to improve the image of the audit entity and therefore to act "honestly and impartially with the whole world and to ensure that public funds are sacred." That works for the good of the land and for regaining trust and credibility, "he said.

"Progress against corruption"

Ultimately, the candidate who promoted Cambio Radical, La U and the liberals won.
The representative of the Chamber, Eloy & # 39; Chichí & # 39; Quintero Romero, said that the election of Córdoba was a good message for the country where the manner in which the election of the controller was done historically was changed. "There was not a single nod of the presidency to choose and a determination was expressed that will serve the future of this legislature, because it is important that the autonomy of Congress is respected here and that we have that great responsibility to solve the problems that affect the level of the company, "said the Congressman.

Quintero Romero hopes that the new leader of the control entity will fulfill his functions because he believes that Edgardo Maya Villazon was "a great inspector with national recognition".

He also said that the office of the inspector general needs many tools to be more effective and to cooperate with the office of the attorney general and the prosecutor, which is what is needed. "It has also been said that it would be healthy to put an end to the regional and municipal inspectors, I think it is a topic to discuss and that it has a lot of controversy but that it is potentially transparent and that it is would be useful for general control, "he said.

The representative of Cambio Radical asks Córdoba to move forward against corruption, "to be stronger and more powerful, to create more instruments to combat this crime that has caused so much damage to the economy and the development of the country."

"That is guardian of the public treasury"

Undoubtedly Carlos Felipe Córdoba has taken over the support of the banks. Among them the Party of the U who met their congressmen and at the bank office before the election day, it was agreed to give 41 of the 41 votes, 100% unanimously, they should support the current inspector.
There were representatives Cristian José Moreno and Eliécer Salazar López and Senator José Alfredo Gnecco.

Moreno said the election of the inspector met the standards set by the Congress of the Republic and that no party can complain today about any action against the transparency of this process.

"The decision is made with the majority of the bank that Felipe Córdoba has chosen and we believe he has the qualities to develop independently, but also with transparency and determination, a serious exercise from the Comptrollers Office," he said.

The Congressman has asked the civil servant to take on a powerful task to ensure the fight against corruption in the management of public finances, to verify the investments of funds and to obscure the sources of royalties or resources of the general government. the nation's budget; In addition, he carries out a verification of the works that are carried out to prevent patrimonial damage. "Unfinished works such as those who are now white elephants in the department of Cesar, but at the same time make a serious and substantive exercise on everything that corresponds to the investment of public funds," Moreno said.

He also hopes that the new Comptroller will present legislative changes that "give more teeth and sanctioning elements to the fiscal power, in this case that there are more drastic sanctions for the corrupt, that there are more agile procedures in terms of budgetary responsibility than the conditions are fulfilled and prevent the investigations from leading ".

Meanwhile, José Alfredo Gnecco said that the election of Carlos Felipe Córdoba as Comptroller-General of the Republic recognizes his competence and experience.

"We rely on its appropriateness in the exercise of control and fiscal vigilance that it will exercise over the entities subject to its functions," he said.

The defeat of Lafaurie

Although from the beginning of the process culminating in the election of the general reviewer of the Republic, José Felix Lafaurie, president of Fedegan, was the favorite and was chosen as the winner; the results were different because the Democratic Center did not have the necessary support. Within the party there was resistance to his name and in the end most of that group voted for Cordoba.

Although the Uribismo candidate lost the election, the former president had for a long time expressed his condolences to Córdoba, who during his reign was the national coordinator of the area for the social projection of the republic's presidency, and Uribe never officially approved from his party to Lafaurie and acknowledged that the door was not closed for one of the applicants.

The meeting of the presidents Álvaro Uribe, Andrés Pastrana and César Gaviria was a fundamental moment to reinforce the candidacy of Carlos Felipe Córdoba, who thanked the exmandatarios in his speech.

In light of what happened, José Felix Lafaurie said that he is a militant of ideas and because of the conviction of the Democratic Center: "And I will continue to do so, I am clear that the race did not go with me."

He also said that he has always believed that politics is done with conviction and that it is better to keep what he calls the "moral throne": "To be calm with your conscience."

"I want what President Duque is doing to change the political degradation process," he said.

It was learned that the Democratic Center, on at least two occasions, put the names of the candidates José Félix Lafaurie and Marco Antonio Velilla among the members of their caucus, and in all of them won Lafaurie. Finally, the bank ended with fractions and of the 49 votes between senators and representatives, only 12 votes went to Fedegan's president. Neither Álvaro Uribe Vélez agreed, arguing that he was prevented from having been the head of several candidates.

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