a new legendary creature can now be recorded

To celebrate the closing of a next season of the Pokémon legendary year, Niantic has announced that Regirock can now be made by all coaches in Pokémon GO . This legendary creature will appear as the boss of the robbery fight in gyms. However, it is only available until September 20th.

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What are the raid fights? When a powerful Pokémon takes over a gymnasium, coaches must join forces with others to defeat the being within a time limit. When they emerge victorious, all participants get the main Pokémon. It should be remembered that you can not participate in these fights unless you have a level of 25.

Regirock has a robust defense, but is weak for attacks of the type Water, Plant, Struggle, Earth and Steel. Prepare creature alignment with the most powerful for this difficult battle.

 Pokémon GO

As if that was not enough, Niantic announced that Celebi ] will be available as a reward for a new special investigation. This can be completed as long as the third group of tasks related to Mew's special investigation has been completed and other tasks related to both Pokémon have been completed. Once all these activities have been completed, the players will receive Celebi and a big booty from Caramelos.

These will not be the only activities that come to the mobile game. New field studies will also take place with regard to the Johto region and missions that will reward with PX, items and even Pokémon.

Pokémon GO is now available for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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