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A three-year-old girl has a higher coefficient than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkings


Aug 16, 2018- 17:19

A three-year British girl registered an intellectual coefficient (IQ) superior to Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkings, according to published media Thursday

Ophelia Morgan-Dew, who can remember events that happened to her before she was 1 year old, has an IQ of 171 points.

The average score of the population is 100, The majority is between 85 and 115 points.

The little one has become the youngest person in the United Kingdom who manages to enter society for gifted Mensa and is in the first 0.03% of the population in terms of "Cerebral potency."

"When our daughter was about eight months old, we realized how brilliant she could be," her mother, Natalie Morgan, acknowledged on BBC. "

" He began to say colors, letters and n Groupers very quickly, compared to most children, "he added.

However, it took the little girl to start childcare when the parents were aware of the situation.

At that time Natalie and her partner, Ben Dew, decided to take Ophelia to a psychologist who specialized in highly gifted children

"We just wanted to know how we could help her", explained her father, who acknowledged that they did not want to "force" her, but at the same time they wanted her to be. 39, little stimulated & # 39; felt.

Despite her high IQ, her parents claimed that the child is a three-year-old girl "in many other ways."

"He likes to run around and play with him. cousins, jumping on mats … Normal things in a girl at that age, "Dew explained

The difference is that they recognized that" it seems like he understands and assimilates everything much more quickly than usual. "

" It's like talking to a 19-year-old person. She can have a good conversation with her, develop her own ideas, "remarked her father.

However, the couple emphasized the importance of a happy childhood for their daughter.

" I will be proud of Ophelia no matter what you to decide, we just want you to be healthy and happy, "his mother acknowledged.


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