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Venezuela, Peru and Mexico join the countries with the largest attacks of this type so far this year.

Cyber ​​attack in Atlanta

Last year, a ransomware attack struck more than 200,000 companies, hospitals, government agencies and other organizations in 150 countries.


August 21, 2018, 10:44 am

The most recent edition of the ESET Security Report showed that there is a strong threat in Latin America against Ramsomware, Harmful code that restricts access to system files and requires a ransom in return.

In the survey results of more than 2,500 companies in Latin America, the company found that theThe most vulnerable countries in the region are Peru (18%), Mexico (20%), Colombia (19%) and Venezuela (22%). In the latter, a total of 2.407 detections of WanaCryptor have been presented so far.

Moreover, the results show how the region still has to prepare for these threats, because At least three of the five companies have had at least one incident so far this year.

Currently, these harmful codes are being reinvented and are becoming increasingly difficult to combat. To prevent damage, it is necessary to implement antivirus technologies and make backup copies, update operating systems and applications.


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