Diddy Kong joins Mario Tennis Aces

Diddy Kong will leave the rainforests to take a racket and join his partner Donkey Kong in a game of tennis against other Nintendo characters in Mario Tennis Aces. This is the fifth character to participate in the game after the release, after Koopa Troopa, Blooper, Birdo and Paratroopa.

Diddy will be a fast character, who will use his skill in the form of a monkey to move quickly across the field. In his special shot we see him swinging in a vine while he takes the racket with his tail. It looks like it will be very nice to control it.

We will be able to play with Diddy Kong from 1 October, but we can use it earlier if we take part in the online tournament that takes place between 1 and 30 September. This seems to be the way in which Nintendo intends to promote these events, which offers the opportunity to play early with new characters.

Conditions to play with Diddy in Mario Tennis Aces

Diddy Kong has been participating in sports games of the Mario series since 2003 Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and in Mario Kart Double Dash. Since then he has a constant presence in his titles of baseball, football, tennis, racing, basketball, golf and Olympic games. It was also controllable in a few games from the series Mario Party.

Mario Tennis Aces: Mario faces Rafael Nadal

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