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Larian Studios once again shows that their master console can reach consoles without problems. Divniity: Original Sin II is a solid strategy RPG.

Original title: Divinity: Original Sin II – Final edition

year: 2018

makers: Bandai Namco (Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet)


Release date:August 31, 2018 (MX)

Divinity: Original Sin II – Final edition

developer: Larian Studios (Divine divinity)
classification: M
platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (played on this platform)
sex: RPG
players: 1-4 (online and offline, cooperative and vs)

Although it seemed like a very complex series to jump from PC to consoles at the first impression, Larian's studio & # 39; s showed Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition that it was a success to reach the pubic gamer who did not have a PC.

The history of Original sin II It happens thousands of years after the first game, so it is not essential that you have played the previous title to quickly enter a plot that places your character in a remote prison island, with the initial intent to escape at all costs. When the plot unfolds, you will realize that you are in the midst of a huge conflict where monstrous beings and magical beings are fighting for supremacy and the search for a new divine being.

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Music / SFX
The soundtrack is perfectly fitting and spectacular. The Belgian Borislav Slavov returns to the series with even more epic and ambitious compositions, spiced with a cast of beautiful English voices. Because the game has been perfectly translated into Spanish, we do not need a translation of our language in a plot that exists in the universes of Tolkien or R.R. Martin.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

In itself the original game on the PC was beautiful, and this final edition that comes with consoles (and free as an upgrade to computers) is more. If you have an Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro, you can enjoy a 4K image, but unfortunately you can not reach the constant 60 fps, much less when the screen is full of opponents and opponents. Air camera angles can sometimes seem confusing, but it is a matter of getting used to the style of Original sin II. What a design of characters, scenario & # 39; s and forces!
Rating: 4.5 / 5

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Game system
Larian has not only moved her game to consoles, but enriched it with a simpler and easy-to-use interface with the control block, but if you have a touch and mouse on your PS4 or One, we recommend using them for the long hours of emotions waiting for you in this game. It is worth mentioning that the last hours of history have been redesigned with more missions and a much more intense end, so you have ensured great emotions without losing the game for a moment. The learning curve of RPG is somewhat closed, as it is a very complex title. Perfect personalization system, with 16 new characters and a large number of races. The cooperative and competitive game is perfect, both online and offline. Somewhat long loading times.
Rating: 4.5 / 5

Original sin II It is one of the most solid and complete Western RPGs to date. You will not find an adventure of almost 90 hours that will excite you more or see the most complete of the genre this year, and it is a fact that the saga has much more to offer. Do not miss this opportunity to play it!

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