Family Link, the application for parental control on mobile devices

An application has been created to teach children how to use their mobile phones

According to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) survey, 42% of children state that they are adults in social networks and 83% lie about their age. In analyzing the announcements they received, it turned out that of the offered 218, 11% was not meant for minors.

This is why parents and technology companies are increasingly concerned about methods to teach them how to use these tools properly and not to fall into the dangers of the Internet and social networks.

Google launched & # 39; Family Link & # 39 ;, an application that has been available in Colombia since September 18 and helps parents manage the use of their children's mobile devices and applications with the freedom of every family.

"We want them to discover and be inspired as they embark on their own digital adventure, but each family thinks differently about what their children should and should not be able to do on their devices," they say in a business statement.

Content and applications

Through the application, parents can keep track of the time their children spend in each application and set time limits.
Every time children download an application, parents receive a notification to approve or reject it, the same for purchases in the apps.

They can also choose the applications to which they have access, recommend some on the download platform or add them directly to their devices.

Hours of use

Parents can give their children time limits to use and rest the applications. They can also remotely block the devices of minors if they consider it appropriate to take a break.


Family Link can help parents find their children as long as they have a mobile phone and are connected to WiFi.

Juan Camilo Díaz, a professor at the Family Institute of the Universidad de la Sabana, agrees with Google that every family is free to determine the rules and limits for their children, depending on the training and maturity they see.

But it emphasizes the importance of parents who "acknowledge the benefits and risks of the Internet" so that they determine usage rules, sanctions and the kind of technology they will give their children.

For Diaz, parental upbringing is very important because "these kinds of tools are good, but they do not work if there is no example on the part of the parents and there is a habit in the family," he said.

However, before this technological bloom can forget to encourage children and adolescents other activities, such as going out with other children or making plans with their friends and family, so that there is no dependency. Family Link helps generate habits and norms, but there must always be a trust dialogue with minors and their decision making.

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