Fortnite: Epic Games players get the Galaxy ™ skin & # 39; without buying a Samsung model PS4 | Xbox One | PC Nintendo Switch Video games

The output of Fortnite in Android video game originally available in PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch – it was through the devices Samsung after the presentation of Galaxy Note 9. Fortnite it is pre-installed and you can only use the & # 39;skin& # 39; Milky Way when you enter your profile Epic games.

Well, this mechanic has been misused by some users who have not bought one Samsung. What they have discovered is that you can enter your user on the mobile in the exhibition stores Galaxy Note 9 and Tab S4, the recent devices of the company.

In this way Fortnite detects the device and rewards the players. However, it can be somewhat risky to open personal accounts at stores Samsung.

Pages specialized in technology warn that once we have used our credit card Fortnite , our information can be stored and become the victim of theft. It's an easy way to use the & # 39; skin& # 39; Milky Way but at the same time dangerous.

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