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Google Maps again. A Peruvian user wanted to find an address in the popular tool and without waiting for it, he witnessed an uncomfortable moment in the middle of Avenida Aviación. The finding was published in different social networks and until now it is still shared. Keep reading so you know what it's about.

What happened? As seen in the photo 's made in Google Maps, the user explored the popular district of La Victoria and reached & # 39; The cachina& # 39 ;, Place is known as a point of sale of used items and for a lower price. The user wanted to find an address, but found something else.

According to the images from Google Maps, the user pressed the cursor to the aviation alley in the direction from south to north and on the path there was a man who talked to his friends. The strange thing about this situation is that the man has no pole and can see part of his rear. The images soon became viral.

Like many screenshots from Google Maps, this usually happens because there are several street scenes that do not hide the tool and are shown as they were then. If you liked this comment, do not hesitate to share it with your social network contacts.

Look at the Google Maps gallery that was published at the beginning of this note.

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