Google Maps: women are crippled & # 39; & # 39; found in Miraflores and photos ?? s affect thousands | Viral | Google Street View Google Earth | Photo & # 39; s | Peru tendencies

Because of this finding, your hair will stay upright. A new image of Google Maps was shot in a few minutes by the terrifying shot in one of the busiest streets Miraflores. A & garbed & # 39; woman shocked thousands.

Google Maps is a popular tool for various users around the world, because it solves all kinds of doubts about places and some people use the doubts app know new places; however, it is also a platform that has been popularized by strange findings.

According to the Google Street View image, a woman appeared in a street of Miraflores, Peru, with a strange aspect, some of the users assume that they are a woman & # 39; mutilated & # 39; is, because she was caught sitting in a park in the area without legs and without her face.

The finding of Google Street View has led to major controversies in the social networksSome netizens are terrified with the great image and others are furious about the constant errors in the app's recordings.

Remember that Google Maps has recorded several findings that are distributed on social networks. This is a new recording that has been extensively questioned by the netizens, because it would be a bad approach to capture the streets Miraflores. Here we share the images that you can appreciate.

If you want to appreciate the images of this terrifying image of a woman & # 39; mutilated & # 39; In Google Maps, all you have to do is view our gallery, all you have to do is slide the main image to the left.

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