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Nobody could have thought of it. The Mexican youtuber Luisito Comunica is one of the most popular internet stars today, so it has sparked a lot of amazement that Google Translate, as the translator of Google is known, decided to troll & # 39; in an epic story. Here we tell you the details.

This fact was discovered by a fan following the video's of Luisito Comunica, from the same youtuber country, Mexico. The photo posted by people on your account Facebook It has been very controversial by other fans, who have shown their annoyance with Google Translate.

Remember, a few hours ago, there is another one you can enjoy Mexico, "Yuya"Was also linked to the results of Google Translate, the name change that the application generated generated inconvenience with its followers to read" algae ".

As well as "Yuya"There are ten youtubers, politicians, entertainment celebrities, singers and celebrities from different countries who have been in the eye of the storm to read the curious name changes they received from the popular Google Translate application.

In the past few days, cybernauts have been seen using the Google Translator to write the names of their idols and they have encountered terrible errors. Luisito Comunica is the new victim who registers the translations of the famous Google translator.

According to a fan's publication, she wrote the name of the famous youtuber, "Luisito Comunica"In Google Translate with the language" Spanish "in" Albanian ", the hilarious result that was deciphered in the results made me laugh for a while.

"Luis Kominikon", was read in the recording and image that was published in the social networks, where the minutes of the publication were distributed by his loyal followers of "Luisito Comunica"Internet users have indicated that this result is related to the character by his way of expressing and others are annoyed by the simultaneous errors of the application.

If you like the images of the remarkable translation of "Luis Comunica" in the translator of google, you just have to view our gallery, all you have to do is slide the main image to the left.

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