How to make an audio broadcast on Twitter

The audio broadcasts came to twitter, a proposal that extends to periscope and that wants to improve the platform for those users who use it to share the latest news.

Audio broadcasts twitter will work for the moment in iOS, with no date of arrival confirmed for Android.

twitter is a pioneer in the world of live broadcasts. They were, however Instagram and Facebook social networks that managed to attract the attention of users in that section. In fact Instagram now makes videos of up to one hour available IGTV.

the new Twitter function will try to recover some lost space and become another weapon, benefiting from the starting tree for podcast.

How is it done?

Start an audio transmission twitter It is very simple When making a new tweet, users see the option to upload a photo or video or start audio or video broadcasts.

When choosing life and Only audio, the transmission begins, which will appear in the timeline of the user.

Once the audio transmission is complete, users have access to the statistics, including the playing time and the number of visitors.


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