Intelligent loudspeaker boom: Google passes the Amazon front. Apple, far away – Techno

Amazon created the category of intelligent speakers with Echo and his assistant Alexa, and although the rest of the companies seemed to ignore it at first, they soon began to see how Amazon had achieved a new success.

That is why other companies such as Google, Amazon or Xiaomi were behind the trend.

Google achieved a global lead thanks to Google Home over the past year and remains at 32.3% of the market, according to Canalys figures.

Behind Amazon was 24.5%, which is a good number, and despite it continues to sell well, it falls in market share for the growth of Google.

And Apple? The HomePod has not achieved the expected success and does not appear on the bestseller list. Moreover, it is estimated that the market is only 4%, far from the dominance it has in other segments such as smartwatches or premium smartphones.

Here the figures from Canalys:

Google 32.3%
Amazon 24.5%
Alibaba 17.7%
Xiaomi 12.2%
Other 13.2%

It is worth noting that the growth of China as a smart speaker market was remarkable, and that is why the importance of Alibaba and Xiaomi is explained in the list.

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