Mexico, the second country that is & # 39; preferred & # 39; has for criptomineros seizures in AL

The cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab released a study in which he revealed that the attacks by criptomineros summarized in Latin America.

Attack percentages show that Brazil concentrates the highest incidence by 51.23 percent, while in Mexico 19.86% is recorded, followed by Colombia with 7.20 percent, the company said in a statement.

"The attacks with criptomineros tend to concentrate in emerging markets and they allow criminals to generate new money through fraudulent use of third party computer equipment by calculating complex mathematical equations, "said Santiago Pontiroli, security analyst at Kaspersky Lab.

According to the company, attacks by criptomineros, better known as cryptojacking, they increased their incidence in the region, while attacks by ransomware have declined sharply in the course of 2017.

The increase in practices such as the criptominería is mainly due to the increase in value that the cryptocurrency, the company said.

In that sense, he revealed that they have registered 393 thousand 405 attacks in 2018, while in 2017 there was only the record of 57,000 278 attacks through data mining.

the cryptocurrencies that are most often sought by cyber criminals they are Bitcoin, the Montero and the zcash, because they are considered safer and anonymous.

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