Renegades – These are the exclusive content for PS4

There are a few days until the players of Destiny 2 can enjoy all the content that is offered Forsaken, the third expansion of the successful FPS. Although Bungie Studios has been explaining the past three months, the new features that will be added include a new game mode and new subclasses, the PlayStation 4 users who DLC They will benefit most without any doubt.

Through a publication on PlayStation.Blog Activision announced that the owners of the latest Sony console have exclusive access to a new set of armor for each class, a new exotic weapon, a new ship and a new attack.

Exotic weapon: Wavesplitter

Destiny 2: Renegades

Created by City Age, this weapon uses conical waves aimed at warming up electrons in a devastating beam of energy. As long as the trigger is pressed, the weapon oscillates between three levels of force. Fortunately, the guardians have different indicators to know at what level they are. These are the thickness of the laser, the sound effects and a meter.

Did you think the above was the special feature of the weapon? Well no! The special feature is that the Wavesplitter will be able to maximize the power for a short period when collecting Orbs of Light.

Attack: Broodhold

Destiny 2: Renegades

This new challenge will take the guards to the depths of The Reef to fight the Hive. When the end is reached, players must face the Queen of the Hive. It will change between a physical form and an intangible one. In each of these states it will use different skills.

The guards must identify the patterns in each stage to overcome!

Set of armors

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Ship: Great Beyond

Destiny 2: Renegades

Destiny 2: Renegades arrives on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on September 4th. This expansion can be bought independently or as part of the Annual Card, which is priced at $ 70. These are approximately 198,000 Colombian pesos. This gives you access to the next one DLC: Black weapon room, Joker & # 39; s Wild and penumbra.

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