Resonance of Fate, the breakdance game with weapons could be back


By: Juan Pablo Cabrejos | 18/9/17

In March 2019 Sega and Tri-Ace launched an RPG for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, called Resonance of Fate (End of Eternity in Japan). This game was characterized at the time by its fighting system and weapons, but this had a very peculiar factor

As you can see, the characters do not know how to take pictures while they are standing. The game is striking because the fighting animations were unnecessary, but visually amazing, very inspired by the series The Matrix. Besides that, the mechanisms that were implemented and the positioning strategy made the game a very unique title.

The problem is that the story does not help and eventually the fighting became annoying. With a steampunk theme, the game was developed for the western audience, but the game ended with mixed scores, but the gameplay always stood out.

Eight years later we have an indication that this game could return to consoles of the current generation and PC thanks to a remastering registered in Germany.

In addition, the main characters of the game, zephyr, Reanbell and Vashyronwho had official Twitter; they have just published Tweets. They had been inactive for 8 years.

Very excited by Resonance of Fate, usually in these re-releases of correct little things not to have the feeling of old play, and I think this title deserves a second chance. Hopefully we will see it at the Tokyo Game Show 2018

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