Satellite to study the winds will be released on Tuesday

& # 39; Aeolus is part of the Copernicus program of the European Union to monitor the environment.

The launcher Vega will transport a European satellite from Kurú, in French Guyana, on Tuesday to measure the winds on the planet, within the Copernicus Earth Observation Program.

"For the fifth launch of the year, the first with Vega, Arianespace puts the & # 39; Aeolus & # 39; satellite in orbit, & # 39; reports the company in an interview

The launch is scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 21.20 GMT (local time 6:00 PM) It takes about 55 minutes from the start and the separation of the rocket satellite.

The satellite was built by Airbus Defense and Space and will send scientists and meteorologists directly at regular intervals.

"Aeolus" will explore the atmosphere with a It should help us to understand the dynamics at the level of the tropics and the processes that influence climate variability, but especially to improve the weather forecast ", European Space Agency on its website

& # 39; Aeolus & # 39; is part of the European Union (EU) Copernicus program for environmental monitoring. "This new mission will be carried out by Arianespace for the European Space Agency by the 50th," remembers the launch company.

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