See how you can record and listen to a voice note on WhatsApp before you send it

This option that was first available in iPhone AiOS is already in Android.

Voice notes have become a fast, simple and effective communication tool that many users prefer over text messages.

Those most frequently used, however, were clear that there was a mistake that did not include writing in this messaging application and is the fact that they can verify the note before they are sent or are not at risk of losing everything that is said because there is a call came in or the finger you used was moved to keep pressing the record button.

This is why WhatsApp has decided to give users the ability to record hands-free and also be able to listen to the note before it is sent. An initiative that started in the operating system AiOS, iPhone, but already available on Android.

To achieve this, simply press and hold the microphone icon, slide it up and release it and release it with your hands. If you want to listen to the voice note before sending it, you can leave the chat and enter again without losing the recording, but also with the option to give it play, send it or remove it.

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