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High contrast level, very deep blacks and a striking appearance define this high-end


The W8 is a luxury LG TV that is only 3 millimeters thick and mounted on the wall with magnets [19659009] Find the validation of El Cazamentiras at the end of the news.


August 17, 2018, 10:20 p.m.

The most expert reader will excuse us because he admitted that LG's Smart TV Oled W8, basically hanging on a wall of the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá, was mistaken for a painting. In addition, we were surprised to discover that the & # 39; frame & # 39; of the painting was not really a frame, but a part of the image.

We saw W8 in January in Las Vegas, at CES 2018. Its technology Oled, more than 8 million autoluminescent pixels, its ability to reproduce the Dolby Vision and HDR Technicolor format and its wide viewing angle would have been enough to consider it a highlight of the fair. But is that, in addition to that, LG packed everything on a screen of only 3 millimeters thick, the same as three credit cards.

To put it simply: there is no right to such a thin screen to offer such high-quality images.

Of course, such a degree of miniaturization leaves little room for sound. For that reason added to the assembly a beam with 4.2 channels and Dolby Atmos technology All connections of the television move there and it is little more than a band that unites the beam and the screen.

The brain of this television is a 14-bit Alpha 9 processor that integrates a noise suppressor. LG has also equipped it with its webOS system, one of the most user-friendly operating systems on the market. Add to that an artificial intelligence system with which you can control it with voice and adapt the channel you choose, or you can give the weather forecast.

But it is not cheap to live in the advanced technological luxury. This ultra-light wall on your wall will cost you 40 million pesos, and that's for the small & # 39; version of 65 inches.


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