The App scam to know who saw your profile photo on WhatsApp

The instant messaging application WhatsApp constantly cares about the privacy of its users. However, an application promises to know when someone is viewing your profile photo.

The Nueva Mujer portal has published an article in which it ensures the application & # 39; Profile Tracker for WhatsApp & # 39; This allows you to see who will turn off your profile photo. Even, according to the portal, it says how long they've seen the image, whether they've zoomed in or whether the photo has been saved.

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Everything is a hoax

However already it was known that it is a scam because the application does not work and only missing to review some comments to realize that it is a hoax.

They even say that it is only to steal your data or fill your ad cell.

"It does not work at all, for example: yesterday I saw a contact person see my profile picture four hours ago and today the same contact appears as if he had seen it thirteen days ago"

"What he says he is doing is incorrect, only four random contacts are displayed that indicate that they are the most viewed and that it is false"

"It fills your advertising device almost every click, it is annoying!"

Also, checking on Google Play seems to have been removed and the following message appears:

WhatsApp profile photo / photo: AFP

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