They discover a spy virus that your camera, the microphone can control and screenshots can make

The information we have on a computer and the use we give our device has a huge value for every user. What we say, what we see or hear, we only know we. Well, not necessarily.

In the past few days it was discovered a spyware called InvisiMole, a cyber-spying tool that has the ability to remain hidden and collect information from devices without being detected.

What this spy virus does is collect information about what a user is doing with his computer: screenshots, recording system data, connection quality and, most importantly, have access to your webcam and the microphone of your device.

Even if a USB memory is connected, it is the tool make a list with the names of all files on the disk and keep them. In addition, you can search for specific documents and change them.

Although the attack was aimed at specific users, the ESET Research Laboratory does not rule out that other users have been affected.

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