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By cooperating with their research at NASA, a group of scientists from the University of Harvard, through a statistical model known as the Monte Carlo method, the large amount of water in one of the exoplanets with dimensions larger than the earth.

These planets orbiting outside the solar system contain an atmosphere of vapor, oceans of liquid water and internal cores of rocks surrounded by ice, which would show a large amount of water; vital element for humans.

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According to a report presented last Friday, August 17, by astrophysicist Li Zeng, he explains that about 35% of the exoplanets, equal to 4,000 of them, would be water-rich worlds. The analyzes were made by the space telescope Kepler of NASA.

"Probably these water worlds were formed in a way similar to the giant nuclei of planets such as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune that we found in our own solar system," said the astrophysicist at a conference in Boston, United States.

However, this one exoplanets they would not be comparable to our planet, because the surface temperature, unlike the earth, varies between 200 and 500 degrees Celsius; that is, the atmosphere would be dominated by steam, with a liquid layer underneath.

"It is water, but no ordinary water, like the water we found on earth," said researcher Li Zeng, adding that water is converted into ice under high pressure before it reaches the rocky core.

On the other hand, Sara Seager, Professor of Planetary Sciences at the MIT and deputy director of the TESS mission, shared her optimism about this recent finding that could contribute to the search for extraterrestrial life in other parts of the Milky Way.

"It is amazing to think that puzzling thing exoplanets can be living creatures with large quantities waterhopefully the observations of their atmospheres in the future will serve to support or refute this new finding, "Seager said at the Boston conference.

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