They see a huge "structure" at the edge of our solar system

A group of astrophysicists has published an interesting research. From data from NASAG's New Horizons probe they took a huge "structure" at the edge of our solar system.

The group of scientists published the study in Geophysical Research Letters. Experts analyzed data from NASA's unmanned spacecraft New Horizons, which has recorded a source of ultraviolet radiation in a border region of the solar system.

Astrophysicists said they had knowledge of this ultraviolet light almost thirty years ago. year. The new data show, however, that it could be a "hydrogen wall", says Informe21

This "wall" was registered by a probe spectrometer and everything indicates that it could come from the Kuiper belt.

This "wall" would mark the boundary of the heliosphere, a space area that is under the influence of the solar wind and its magnetic field.

Leslie Young, from the Southwest Research Institute and the New Horizons team, told Science Alert that "this distant source could be the" signature "of a hydrogen wall formed where the interstellar wind meets the solar wind . & # 39;

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