Who will be the next Samsung?

If there is a brand that is a reference in Android is Samsung, the company is still the strongest rival of Apple and its iPhones to this day, because we were almost 10 years ago that the Korean company was offered to you for the firm of Cupertino after the launch of the first Galaxy S.

In recent years, Chinese companies have threatened the crown of Samsung, which today is the signature that more smartphones in the world sell, and behind Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO, three emblematic manufacturers of the Chinese market.

Of these three companies Huawei is the biggest company, because it not only has the number one position in sales in China, but it is also the one that has an important presence in more countries of the world, since Xiaomi has just expansion plans, and OPPO He just left China to reach Europe.

The goal of Huawei is to become the manufacturer that sells more smartphones in the next 2 years, but it must also convince users that it has the best smartphone of the year, as Samsung has with every generation of the Galaxy S family done.

Xiaomi jokes about Samsung and Huawei cameras

The Huawei P20 Pro is the first Huawei smartphone that most critics have put on its side, and almost all conclude that Huawei finally showed a phone that corresponds to the Galaxy S or the iPhone, and Best of all is that the phone considerably cheaper than its competitors, a situation that has contributed to a good sales in recent months.

United States, the great ally of Xiaomi

The extension of Huawei has been delayed in the United States, after this AT & T and Verizon would not sell Mate 10 when the FBI in the United States recommends that no Huawei or ZTE equipment be used as users can be spied on, due to the large link with the Chinese government.

Huawei has said that they respect the laws of the countries where they are active and that they do not spy on their users, but the damage has already been done, the reason why the company has not been able to grow as it would have liked, at least not on the market US .

On the other hand, Huawei is being investigated for allegedly illegal trade relations with Iran, which is why, if he were to be guilty, he would veto the United States, as happened a few months ago with ZTE.

ZTE stops selling phones around the world because of problems with the United States

Xiaomi plans to officially arrive in the United States next year, and with the problems Huawei has in this country, it is possible that Xiaomi can earn millions of users thanks to the quality / price ratio.

And is that according to the latest figures from IDC, Xiaomi growth of 48% over the previous year in terms of market share and sold smartphones, while Huawei had a growth of 40%, that is, Xiaomi surpassed Huawei grow, but it The company is still in fourth place in the list of manufacturers selling more smartphones in the world, while Huawei released Apple from second place this year.

On the other hand, Xiaomi smartphones are usually a bit cheaper than those of Huawei, another element that can differ for many users when buying a phone.

Similarly, the Mi Store is another differential element that Xiaomi wants to conquer every market it reaches, in India it did the same with Samsung, in Spain it opens new stores to increase its sales, and in Mexico seems that this year We will see the first Xiaomi store.

Huawei, the sponsor of Android in a few years

If both brands continue to grow as they do, and the growth of Samsung is not as big as in recent years, it is almost a fact that Huawei will be the manufacturer that sell more smartphones in the world by 2020.

Remember that the company is betting on the launch of high-quality equipment at much lower prices than its Korean rival. There is even talk of the fact that Huawei will also launch its own smartphone with a flexible screen during CES, which will be the technology exhibition where Samsung presents the smartphone that has been known so far. Galaxy X, your first smartphone with flexible screen.

But if Xiaomi has a successful year in the United States, the Huawei brand might embarrass, although I also have to mention that Huawei has a strong presence in European countries where Xiaomi is still not officially arriving.

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