Why is sex fun? • Evolution has the answer

Jared Diamond (US, 1937) began the operation of the gall bladder. His curiosity led him to areas such as ornithology, anthropology, ecology, geography and evolutionary biology. One of the brightest and most interesting minds of our time comes from this potpourri, winner of the prize pulitzer for his book Weapons, germs and steel, published in 1997.

That same year, Diamond also published Why is sex fun?, a book that may seem inferior in ambition and expansion compared to its brother. Do not be fooled. Diamond explains it evolution of human sexuality with his passion and humor characteristic and from a premise that few readers have been educated before: although we do not seem, we are the animal with the most extravagant sex life. And, in part, that is why we came here.

Why does man have a gigantic penis compared to that of other primates? Why do we have sex in private and not in public?

Why do not men give their babies breastfeeding if they have functional nipples? If they do not use them, why do they have nipples? What are men for? Why does man have a gigantic penis compared to that of other primates? Why do we have sex in private and not in public?

These are some of the questions that Diamond answers in his most entertaining book, which serves as a great introduction to the philosophy of an author who, without comprehending it, tends to encyclopedic works and little 'summers & # 39 ;. Readers who want to enter the fascinating work of Diamond will not find a better starting point, with the exception of the short – although more complex – Compared companies.

Much more than sex

Diamond never bonds without wire. Why is sex fun? it is much more than the classical compendium of scientific curiosities. The researcher defends that understanding of how human sexuality has evolved, also serves to understand other of our characteristic features, such as culture, the capacity to to speak, the relationship between father and son and even the domain of tools.

Diamond claims that our bizarre sexuality was essential for evolution

"Palaeontologists usually attribute the development of these traits to our acquisition of larger brains, as well as those of the upright posture, and I maintain the theory that our bizarre sexuality was also essential for its evolution," says Diamond in the foreword to the book.

During the way Diamond will convince us – or not – of that idea, we will discover that men are able to breastfeed, that our ancestors' erection penis measured about 4 centimeters and that women have clogged their ovulation & # 39; # 39; from their partners. to protect their children from child murder, and with that they opened the doors to recreational sex, monogamy and family care.

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title: Why is sex fun?

author: Jared Diamond

Publisher: Debolsillo

Date of publication: 1997

page & # 39; s: 192

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