& # 39; Bolillo & # 39; Gómez does not want to disqualify national teams in European football Football sport-

Quito –

A paria Hernán Darío Gómez, unlike the well-known in recent years, started his second stage as coach of Ecuador yesterday, and before he started the exercise – with a small group called – he announced that before the matches test against Jamaica and Guatemala, which takes place on September 7 and 11, in the United States, will try not to call players who play in Europe, but for those who act in countries of America.

The strategist argued that in Europe "just started the tournaments" and calling them "desacom dodarlos" would mean. "I'm going to do a combination with Ecuadorian footballers from Mexico, the United States, Brazil or Argentina," he explained. the Bolillo Gomez, and stressed that the intention is to have a "large group of players, because what is coming is long", in the allusion, especially at the qualifying tournaments for the World Cup.

Without the first date & # 39; shimmering names & # 39; to have, the Colombian jumped on the field of the House of the National Team and spoke about ten minutes with the twelve players who were yesterday for the morning training, of the 22 mentioned.

Six players of Liga de Quito were not present because they play the Copa Sudamericana tomorrow, two of El Nacional came together last night.

than, the Bolillo He talked to everyone individually. "This call is to meet the guys who have drawn my attention, talk, meet, give them the standards of what we intend to do, especially to set them up and to know what a Selection, a qualification," he said.

The first working appointment takes place 19 days after Gómez has been presented as coach, the time in which the coffee is dedicated to visiting the training of local teams and going to the stadiums to watch matches of the tournament, actually.

When asked how many micro-mills the selection will make, the Bolillo clarifies that this two-day work does not deserve that qualification. "A microcycle is 15 days or at least 10," he said.

He then indicated that he would hold as many work sessions as possible. "To say that the players learned the technician's job in a microcycle, that's a story," he said.

The second era of the coach for Ecuador, he said, has the maximum to classify the Tricolor to Qatar 2022 World Cup, although he said he will try to make good presentations at the Copa América Brazil 2019 and in 2023, when the country will take place.

In his first period-between 1999 and 2004- Gómez took the national team to his first World Cup, that of Japan-Korea 2002.

Cifuente returns
The Ecuadorian coach, Hernán Gómez, said he was in charge of bringing forward John Cifuente, who played a suspension for the leading role – together with four teammates – a flight from the Casa de la Selección. They accepted it. "I want to talk to them," he said.

In the national team I do not want anyone to be obliged, but those who want glory and submit to the rules of the Ecuafútbol and the technical staff.
Hernán Gómez,
DT from Ecuador


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