Cúcuta defeated Bogota and won a place in the final of the B | Colombian football Eagle tournament

Cúcuta Deportivo gives no ground in his intention to take the lead in the reclassification of the year, with his victory 1-2 on Bogota FC, in the stadium of the Metropolitan Stadium of Techo, it has added 51 points and his presence in the last quadrangular is a fact. Moreover, his undefeated has already reached the important 21-day mark without losing the Tournament of Ascent.

As expected, the red and black took control of the ball and of the actions in attack, supported by their experience and supremacy in the tournament, they went looking for another victory. This tactical decision has borne fruit, for Jeysen Núñez (11 PT) succeeded in overcoming the brief resistance of the capitalists to form a reward for what has been shown up to now. Complicated situation for the local population, because they could not find the formulas to stop the attack of their rival. But Cúcuta did not settle for the slightest difference and continued to use the defense rooms that Bogotá gave; Wilberto Cosme was close to a second celebration, but his shot hit the post and the numbers remained on the scoreboard. With the passing of the minutes, the capital began to organize itself better in defense and achieved more control in the recovery of the ball, aspects that balanced the burden.

Without being the most accurate and orderly, the locals disturbed the arc motilón, the air play and long-range shots were to transfer jobs to Jhonny Da Silva. And so the draw came back, a corner kicked Esteban Morales (31 PT), who took advantage of a rebound in the area, but that led to doubts because it is not clear if the ball has passed the goal line. In any case, the referee has validated it and Bogota has reached the goal not to lose before the break.

For the complementary phase little changed the landscape of the game, because the cucuteños were still in their desire to go for the three points and did not hesitate to keep the dominators in the game against a fairly fast youth team. The options came in a continuous way, but the definition was still in debt and at the front they found an opportune Andrés Salazar in his saves. Already at the conclusion of the game, red and black started to feel the physical wear and tear, and repeated mistakes in the midfield followed the rhythm of their football. Bogota tried in every way possible to keep the visit away, but that goal disappeared with the goal of Wilberto Cosme (37 ST), who had his revenge and was in charge of consolidating a victory that was very close to the expected classification late. .

Pereira was reunited with the victory: he beat Valledupar

In the game on Thursday-afternoon, Deportivo Pereira managed to take a breather for the last bad results and beat Valledupar 1-0 in the game that took place at the Armando Maestre stadium. A result that calms the waters and strengthens them on the third place of the table with 37 points, a figure that brings them closer and closer to the eventual huivers.

And that things could not start in the best way for the whole matecaña, because a penalty of nine minutes gave the feeling of gaining a quick advantage, but Jairo Palomino did not profit and even left things behind. Such a battle did not affect the morale of the visitors when Rafael Navarro (19 PT) put them back to joy and forced his rival to the quick reaction.

Valledupar tried to reconsider his game system, became stronger in defense and got his presence in the rival area, but the options generated do not count with the fortune in the definition. The passage of time was against the homeowners, who had no options to surprise a Pereira who had survived the attack and managed to keep a valuable victory that makes them happy with the next round.

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