Diego Novoa, keeper of Equity, Leader of Liga: the goal is to win everything & # 39; Colombian football Eagle League

Diego Novoa is the owner of the only team that has not scored a goal in League II 2018: La Equidad.

It is an experienced keeper, knowledgeable about the position and clear to ensure that the temporary leadership of his team is not, far from being, the ultimate goal of this impeccable campaign that he and his teammates meet.

How do you analyze the campaign, the brands you have achieved and the first place in the table?

It is a very positive moment. I am proud to be the starting keeper. It is the result of teamwork, serious and disciplined work, 100 percent credibility in what we do. We set ourselves a number of goals and we fulfill them.

More than 1,100 minutes ago they did not receive a goal at home and they scored 563 without goals. How did they achieve that solidity?

Our goal is based on our way of playing, which begins at zero from scratch. Under that slogan we started the matches. That serious work that has been developed in the preseason and the seriousness with which each tournament is taken brings us there. It is inevitable not to think about the records.

How do you not think about the records and do not be distracted from the goals of the season?

We take the records as an incentive for us. This start is positive, but our goal is to win everything. Every game we can challenge exposes you to the three results, but the slogan is to go out and win, we are thinking and visualizing each game as a victory. The figures for us are important, they fill us with confidence and safety.

How did the equity of the previous semester change to today?

The only thing that changed Equity's semester is effectiveness. We have Carlos Peralta, our goal scorer, who is right with the goal and that has been positive for us. We are effective with the options we have, we have been able to win locally and as visitors and this efficiency and safety have helped us to achieve these results.

Self-esteem had always been a protagonist, but had a downturn and even fought against descent. Today it is backed up …

Because we had the chance to go to the first, from the side of the directive that was passed on to us. We have our own headquarters and facilities, we have to worry about achieving results and maintaining the leading role. For two years we had a recession, but with the help of every member of Equidad it was possible to return and now we are restoring that protagonism.

What was the contribution of Luis Fernando Suárez?
It is inevitable not to mention Professor Suárez, a technician with a lot of experience in world and national teams. That experience has been transferred to us. That safety and methodology have been of the utmost importance to get these positive results. The most important thing we take with him from the process is the credibility in the work and safety with which each of us works.

José Orlando Ascencio
Sub-editing of El Tiempo

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