Eighth final Copa Sudamericana 2018: Santa Fe and Millionaires equal 0-0

In the first stage of the Copa Sudamericana round of 16, red and blue have not benefited. The return meeting is on 2 October.

Santa Fe could not take advantage of a local in the first stage of the Copa Sudamericana against Millonarios. AFP

Two zeros, two open mouths, two yawns. Santa Fe and Millonarios equaled without goals in the first leg of the Copa Sudamericana Round of 16. The lack of ideas, depth and excess of strength prevailed in the engagement. The capital goods were not injured. They did not play, if they did, to lose. And so it happened. They left with the equality under the arm, causing a great bit of bitterness in the assistants of the stadium El Campín and the viewers who followed the game. A badger with a taste of nothing, a first meeting that left much to be desired.

Santa Fe started better, sharper and seemed to make a difference from the first minute with short, medium and long distances. Diego Guastavino, Baldomero Perlaza, Carlos Arboleda and Luis Manuel Seijas they tried for the team that was officially appointed at home. In the first 15 minutes they were the ones who determined the pace, owned it, managed the engagement. They gamble at high pressure, which is a confused Millionaires who were a sea of ​​nerves and constantly lost the ball at the start, without finding a solution for the rush of the red colors.

But because the power of a storm does not last forever, the cardinal winds with the passage of time reduced. The locals lost intensity and thanks to that, the albiazul team took a step forward, started taking possession and generating options, always betting on the fast exit, either with balls or deep passes. In one of them, the clearer arrival of the blue square, defensive error of the red and Óscar Barreto, just before Róbinson Zapata, could not determine well before the goalkeeper's departure.

From there the party went in one-way traffic return without depth. Both teams triedbut without any clarity. They did not generate any approaches and the ball went from one side to the other, constantly from white to blue stockings and vice versa. There was no precision, far fewer ideas. Everything was quick and powerful to close any attempt advance. The game was centered in the middle of the field and the goals became an ornament of the field, which was not constantly achieved.

Time continued its persistent pace without the appearance of a player who took the reins of devotion. The figure of Christian Marrugo was hardly visible on the gramado of the stadium El Campín has also happened to those of Guastavino and Luis Manuel Seijas. In the second half everything was focused on the more in the strong game, in the mistakes to cut the game. We have not seen five consecutive passes. Only sweep movements, milestones, yellow cards and a red one César Carillo de Millonarios, the first of the team in the semester.

The expulsion seemed to be the exact possibility to open the game, at least for that Santa Fe Oscar Sanguinetti gave access to Facundo Gichón, looking for his team to take advantage of the extra man. There were more passes in a row, but the opportunities did not come. Turned out, without emotion or ideas, the meeting ended. A first game that leaves a series open after 2 October in the El Campin stadium.

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