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The seventh date of Colombian football left several facts to stand out, such as the opening with a draw from Fernando & # 39; Pecoso & # 39; Castro as DT of America, the draw of National, which follows in crisis, the intense party in Medellín and, of course, the leadership of Equity, which can not be stopped and is accompanied by Caldas and Tolima.

America's draw was one of the most important events. The scarlet team had a slight improvement with the arrival of Pecoso and tied his visit to Alianza Petrolera with 2-2. However, it still has many errors to correct. América suffered in the beginning, as she lost 8 minutes at Alianza, but recovered and got stuck with goals from Aristeguieta, a good duel and Dajome. "The future and the future can be very positive, because we put the players at the right time. Hopefully you can participate at eight o'clock"Pecoso said at the end of the game.

The other event of the day is that Nacional continues with difficulties. At the elimination in Copa Libertadores and the departure of his DT, Jorge Almirón, the investigation was added for alleged undisciplinedness against Alexis Henríquez and Dayro Moreno. To make matters worse, yesterday the team could not keep up with Jaguares and only a 1-1 draw.

But without a doubt the liveliest match was played in Atanasio Girardot, where Medellin and Once Caldas came 2-2. The figure of the game was Germán Cano, attacker of the powerful, who scored the goals of his team, one of them picked the ball in a penalty. Lemos scored the equalizer in the last minute of the game. Once Caldas Equity continues to escort.

Another team that runs a good campaign is the Deportes Tolima, who won with force to Envigado, as a visitor. Marco Pérez scored two goals.

On the side of the teams from Bogota, the only one that is guaranteed is Equidad, which remains the leader and achieves seven victories online after defeating Chicó. Millionaires cost at home, this time bound with Rionegro, 1-1. And Santa Fe nothing that wins. Now tied up in Pasto. His scorer, Wilson Morelo, missed a penalty that would represent victory.


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