FIFA confirms that Paolo Guerrero will be suspended again after the court decision

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August 23, 2018 – 2:46 am



Peruvian footballer Paolo Guerrero has returned to the condition of suspended after the Swiss justice's decision to withdraw a previous measurement that allowed him to play with his selection the worldwide one of Russia, this Thursday FIFA confirmed .

"FIFA notes the decision of the Federal Court of Switzerland to lift the temporary suspension granted in connection with the sanction imposed by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on player Paolo Guerrero," the entity said in a statement statement to Efe.

The TAS had suspended for fourteen months the captain of the Peruvian national team for doping, of which he still has eight.

The Swiss judge decided on 31 May to suspend disqualification in a "provisional" manner, in response to an urgent request – similar to a precautionary measure – from Guerrero, who had previously made the same request to FIFA, but without success.

When he explained his reasons, the Federal Court of Switzerland said that he had considered that the player had not acted deliberately or had committed gross negligence "by operating doping.

Guerrero tested positive for a metabolite of cocaine in a check after a qualifying match for the World Cup on October 5, 2017 against Argentina, whose player always claimed that it was totally coincidental and occurred when drinking a tea that contained residues as the coca .

The Peruvian, currently playing in the Porto Alegre International in Brazil, must now complete the fine imposed by the TAS, "which is now in force," said FIFA, who declined to comment further on this case.

With the decision it is determined that Guerrero can only play football in April 2019.

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