FIFA opens investigation for resale of votes of the Russian qualification matches 2018

August 17, 2018 – 6:47 AM


Editorial of El País and Agencies

An introductory study on the reselling of ballots for the qualifying matches of the World Cup of Russia 2018 with the participation of the Colombian Federation of Soccer (FCF), opened the International Federation of Linked Football (FIFA), as announced by María Claudia Rojas, chairman of the Ethics Committee.

However, Rojas of Colombian nationality declared himself unable to continue in this process for his country of origin and the relationship with directors of the FCF. If it is proven that there is unlawful behavior in the sale of the box office for the national matches of Colombia, the ethics committee will refer its decision to a second instance.

The case is opened, as soon as it is known that the Chief Inspector of Industry and Commerce (SIC), Pablo Robledo, the committee has sent copies of the resolution and the file of the investigation, for which accusations have been formulated to the FCF and the Executive Committee.

Robledo gave details of the progress in the investigation into the massive diversion of ballots of the Colombian Selection for his later resale.

After 10 months of research, the super industry decided to formulate the charges with the FCF, TicketShop, TicketYa, its senior managers and various other people, to implement a strategy for redirecting the tickets.

With the collected material, the SIC was able to determine that the box office price (nominal value) of the 42,221 tickets deviated to an amount higher than $ 8700 million and that in a conservative scenario estimated at the values ​​in which TicketYA purchased the tickets. resold the first resale link, they could generate revenues of more than $ 21,800 million, with an estimated profit of more than $ 13,000 million

According to the Chief Inspector, the ticket sales and distribution company TicketShop informed the members of the FCF. "They volunteered tests, contracts, documents, e-mails, WhatsApp messages, reports of partial settlement of billing activities for resale purposes, and many other proofs", explains the audit entity

In exchange for this information, the company has applied for the benefit program for cooperation and "has been helping the research since September last year and was finally admitted to the program in June of this year".

De Sic said that thanks to TicketShop's contribution "valuable and abundant evidence (computers, contracts, cross-accounts, e-mails, whatsapp messages, testimonials and statements) could be collected during administrative inspection visits to different companies and people in Bogotá, Barranquilla and Cartagena, but also on various occasions to the facilities of the FCF in Bogotá. "[19] 659014] Read more: The debacle of Joseph Blatter, the top boss of FIFA

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