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In the coming weeks, a FIFA committee in Bogotá will arrive to include the investigation into the reselling of ballots for the 2018 Russian qualification matches.

This was confirmed to EL TIEMPO by the Colombian Football Federation (FCF), who claimed that Ramón Jesurún was, one of the investigators in this scandal, who asked for the intervention of the highest international football association.

"We are waiting for a delegate from FIFA's ethics committee to collect the testimonies and evidence that the Executive Committee defends the transparency of its procedure in awarding the tender for the sale of tickets to the Ticket Shop, "assured the spokespersons of the FCF.

The newspaper Marca de España reported that it is already ruled out that the president of the ethics committee of FIFA, the Colombian Claudia Rojas, will take the case, because she has already hindered herself because of her proximity of several of the investigated.

In any case, Rojas – who had been questioned a few months ago through his ties with Luis Bedoya – announced that he already had access to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) study, which opened a set of specifications for active and retired members of the federation committee.

"In fact, we've been in contact with FIFA and we're sending a copy of the resolution that opened the accusation to the FCF and FIFA to the ethics committee, Executive Committee, and we made your file available" , said superintendent Pablo Felipe Robledo to EL TIEMPO

Next to Jesurún, the former president of Dimayor Jorge Perdomo, Alvaro Gonzalez, president of the Difútbol; Alejandro Hernández, Claudio Cogollo and Elkin Arce.

The SIC has evidence of the mass detour of the ticket office for the qualifying tournaments to Russia and its resale, resorting to fraudulent mechanisms.

in fact EL TIEMPO revealed audio It is clear that the tender for the sale of tickets has been rigged to favor two companies. One of them is Ticket Ya, linked to the owner of Real Cartagena, Rodrigo Rendó, and his son Alejandro, who would have been given privileged information to keep the contract.

The other person involved is Ticketshop, whose managers ultimately provide information to the SIC in exchange for legal costs. One of them is César Carreño, legal representative of Ticketshop, who provided explosive data: an advance payment to the FCF before he chose who would win the tender.

" The agreement was that we had to give a part of the ticket office to them (Ticket Ya) to bring it to the market and we were clear that the ticket office that they were selling at a higher price They pointed out that they had made an investment before our contract with the federation, "Carreño announced on September 4, 2017 and then became an informant.

The file also contains businessman Elias Yamjure, business partner. 19659002] Apart from FIFA's investigation – which has also been the scene of scandals and this week erased the word corruption from its code of ethics – the investigations being carried out are those of the Colombian public prosecutor's office.

EL TIEMPO established that indicated that at least one of the parties involved intended to provide information on the resale of tickets in exchange for benefits for him and a relative. So far they are only approximations with the prosecutor, but this newspaper determined that they would be willing to give the name of the person with whom they had sent a part of the transfer that Tickethop talks to one of the parties involved.

members of the Executive Committee of the FCF emphasize that they were also victims of monumental resale. In fact, they are already talking to a criminal lawyer when they are summoned by the Prosecutor

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