Maradona is only one: Maradona

Buenos Aires- Tired of comparisons with his compatriot Lionel Messi, the former Argentine player Diego Armando Maradona indicated that "Maradona has only one" and that they no longer "swell the balls".

"I do not I compare myself with nobody, they always want to tell me something about Lio, but I'm not going to say anything, because he has always worn ten points with me, but Maradona is only one and let the balls stop," he said in a newspaper interview Olé

The former coach of the albiceleste also noted that he thinks it's time for the national team to give the Barcelona striker a break.

"Yes, I would let him catch my breath, I would say" play in Europe, no longer travel, no longer use. "I would not have to go to a friendly match just because the national team more won with him, that was with me (Julio) Grondona (former president of the AFA), eye, but we in that one In those days we had less money than the child, today it is not necessary for Messi I laugh that he moves to silver. "

Maradona once again said that he would like to lead the national team again, but that he is now focused on his new position as president of Dinamo Brest in Belarus, but he has a clear candidate for the bank.

"Look, if you have to choose, I (Cesar Luis) take the & # 39; Flaco & # 39; Menotti, no doubt, but with a modern version. I would change some things, such as bailing. It does not always work, it is not a system, you have to be elastic. Then there is nothing. All names that are thrown on TV are illusions. (Diego) Simeone will not come, "he said.

" (Mauricio Pochettino) & # 39; Poche & # 39; managed to win. But he made a fortune in Tottenham and I make it clear to the leaders that if they were to look for him from Argentina, he would stay alone if they did not sell to someone, and they left him the whole team. "

Maradona took the opportunity to criticize the players who played the last World Cup in Russia in 2018 when they said they had given everything for the team and had chosen the honor of money.

" The players have their debt share and have never taken the lead, as we did in the moment we did it. They are of a different generation.

"Silver is in the benches, nobody is playing with silver, but already in your head it resonates that you are saved, that you only have to run and do not have to sweat the shirt, as we did in my time. get money in front and honor, I stay at the glory, the glory makes me great and tomorrow I get more money than I have today, "he said. 19659010] The comments made in the above section are the responsibility of the participants. Help us maintain a healthy exchange of ideas by denouncing any participation that you consider inappropriate through an icon on the flag. If the comment does not satisfy THE RULES it will be eliminated. See here the regulation .

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