Nacional vs Alianza Petrolera, due to the match against the 6th League Águila II 2018 | Colombian football Eagle League

Atlético Nacional beat the Petroleum Alliance 3-2 in Atanasio Girardot for the sixth date of the 2018-II League. In this way he keeps climbing in the local tournament and arrives round the round of the Copa Libertadores final against Atlético Tucumán.

Nacional was dominant from the beginning. In the first minute Yerson Candelo shot wide and warned. But it did not take long before the game opened the game, which came in the eleventh minute. Candelo laid a cross from the right to Omar Duarte, which went hand in hand and defined the floor with the head.

The only important point for Alianza came in the 15th minute when Alexis Henríquez led a cross on the cross for the goal defended by Fernando Monetti and put the Argentine goalkeeper in trouble. Four minutes later, the second goal came. The green captain made a long pass for Dayro Moreno, who broke goalkeeper Pier Grazziani.

The & # 39; purslane & # 39; went on with the ball and approached in minute 23 with a free kick from Daniel Bocanegra who checked Grazziani correctly. Two minutes later Gustavo Torres took advantage of a shot from Leonardo Saldaña and shot a shot to the post after a shot from the right.

The last for the local came in the minute 39. Torres sent a cross from the right for Duarte and although this was the ball very forward, he managed to throw a cue for Juan Pablo Ramírez, who crossed and was very close to the pole had.

Nacional continued with the hectic pace and in minute 52 Dayro scored his second goal of the game. Center of the left side of Duarte for the second post and Dayro nodded alone. Torres had it again in the 60th minute after an error in the departure of the tankers, but his shot was taken by Grazziani.

Gustavo Torres balanced the game as he was eliminated in the 62nd minute and Petrolera started losing more and dominated the ball. But Nacional closed the roads and seemed impassable.

In the 83rd Dayro took advantage of a rebound that was bounced after an approval of the defense of the visitors and halfway the ball he put the ball next to the post and almost reached his third goal of the match. Moreno missed the third again after a cross by Steven Lucumí from the left wing.

Petrolera found the discount in the last minutes. With Cristian Palomeque scored 3-1 after a good cooperation with César Arias. And a few minutes later the same Arias made the second after a mistake by Monetti, who made a rebound after a shot from Palomeque halfway.

On the next date, Nacional Jaguares will visit Córdoba and Alianza Petrolera will receive América de Cali.


Atlético Nacional 3-2 Oil Alliance

Atlético Nacional: Fernando Monetti (5); Daniel Bocanegra (5), Felipe Aguilar (5), Alexis Henríquez (6), Deiver Machado (5); Jorman Campuzano (5), Yerson Candelo (6), Juan Pablo Ramirez (5); Gustavo Torres (5), Omar Duarte (7) and Dayro Moreno (8).
changes: Steven Lucumí (5) by Omar Duarte (56 ST); Gonzalo Castellani (4) by Juan Pablo Ramírez (65 ST) and Diego Braghieri (SC) by Felipe Aguilar (75 ST).
D.T.: Jorge Almirón.

Oil Alliance: Pier Grazziani (4); Yhormar Hurtado (5), David Valencia (4), Cristian Flórez (5), Leonardo Saldaña (4); Harold Rivera (5), Juan David Ríos (5), Freddy Flórez (4), Maicol Balanta (5), Roger Torres (4) and César Arias (6).
changes: Cristian Palomeque (6) by Roger Torres (56 ST), Pablo Vranjicán (4) by Freddy Flórez (65 ST) and Manuel Palacios (SC) for Yhormar Hurtado (82 ST).
S.D.: Juan Cruz Real.

goals: Omar Duarte (11 PT), Dayro Moreno (19 PT and 52 ST) for Nacional and Cristian Palomeque (87 ST) and César Arias (90 ST) for the Oil Alliance.

reprimanded: Gustavo Torres (20 PT), Juan Pablo Ramirez (41 PT) by Nacional and David Valencia (32 PT), Harold Rivera (71 ST) and César Arias (87 ST), Manuel Palacios (90 ST) by Alliance.

driven away: Gustavo Torres (62 ST) for a double yellow color.

figure: Dayro Moreno (8).

party: Good

Atanasio Girardot

assistance: 13.766 spectators.

Cash desk: 377,111,000,000,000 pesos.

referee: Nicolás Rodríguez (5).

Simón Gómez Córdoba
Correspondent FUTBOLRED

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