Real Madrid could sign Mariano after the Seville – Lyon agreement

The white club is seriously considering using the right of first refusal. I would just have to pay 23 million. 35% less than Seville.

After a lot of walking in the summer about whether he should draw a striker and who could be, it appears that the solution for Real Madrid from the beginning could have been in front of them: Mariano Diaz. And is that the merengue team leaves Olympique de Lyon, and Real Madrid is considering using its right of first refusal, also using 35% of future sales – including in the transfer contract last summer.
The person who has driven this operation is Seville, even this summer looking for a forward movement. As the goal counted this Sunday, the & obsession & # 39; Machín – and practically his only request to the club of Seville – that of a striker with the characteristics of Mariano, with which he has made every effort from the Sánchez Pizjuán to achieve that goal. desire. Attempt to sign Mariano himself.

High and low from LaLiga 2018/19

And although it seemed impossible at the beginning of the summer to remove the Olympique de Lyon striker, because of the high price they had evaluated, the Seville was a crack in recent weeks to leave the doors of the pairing output. par. The player was prepared to leave and the costs would be about 35 million euros. As bold as a surprise, when more than a month ago the player theoretically more than doubled.

As we said, however, it was known that the operation for Seville did not end in Lyon. On their way to the Andalusian capital they had to make a stop in Madrid. And when the white club has known the agreement with Olympique Lyon and the starting price, he is now considering his right of first refusal very seriously. To the point that he could confirm target also, in Seville they are pessimistic with the possibility that Mariano completes his trip to the Sánchez Pizjuán instead of staying without crossing Despeñaperros.

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Knowing that the agreement between Seville and Lyon amounts to about 35 million euros, Real Madrid would save 35% of the amount per contract, which is about 23 kilograms & # 39; should pay. When he already received 8 million from the same Lyon team last summer. The accounts come out in Concha Espina. They are more than affordable figures for the white club, especially when it comes to a player who knows the house, young, with projection and already contrasted after the good feelings that Zidane left in 2017 and after he became one of the revelations was of French football in 2018 (21 goals). In this way Real Madrid could successfully cover the lead in the leadership, as well as the request of their coach (and the demand for their social mass). In the meantime, if it finally happens as it should, Seville must continue searching after all procedures have been completed, but without the final price. The transfer market closes next Friday, although the white club has only 48 hours to exercise the right of first refusal.

Portu, the alternative of Seville

For its part, Sevilla is already working on alternatives because of the high chances that the arrival of Mariano will be disrupted and the choice in this case would be Portu, which already coincided in Girona with Machín. The Valencia midfielder would arrive to reinforce the second line of attack and his arrival could be compatible with that of another center forward or with the continuity of Ben Yedder, who had one foot off the team if the signature of Mariano was specified.

As announced last Saturday ABC of Seville, Nervión club has already spoken with the Girona, who would accept his departure for a little less than the dissolution clause of 20 million euros. In fact, the Catalans have already signed Doumbia in anticipation of the departure of Portu.

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