Return: the graduation of the team

During the two weeks of the Vuelta a Colombia, José Julián "Chivo" Velásquez He did not get tired of raising respect for his experienced colleagues or showing nervousness before taking the national round with the public goal of winning it.

"It's not a false modesty, it's a reality, La Vuelta brings together experienced coaches on the route, with a lot of local and international achievements", the architect of the track selection Colombia project acknowledges for 17 years.

Because of the robustness of the strategy presented by Team Medellín in La Vuelta (and even the colors they wore) it is not easy to avoid comparison with what the air does on European roads. Although the Paisa technician immediately avoids any reference.

"No, man, how are you doing! (Smile) What I'm happy about is that the team's performance is noticeable, in which everyone has an active role", he says, and he also claims that the key was "listening" to the runners ".

"The intelligence of Óscar Sevilla and the ability of the boys to make good readings at important times according to the needs we had was fundamental, "he says.

For example, Team Medellín gave itself the luxury to check the EPM strategy, under the guidance of Raúl Meza, the most laureate of national cycling, in stages such as Picacho, where despite countless attacks Juan Pablo Suárez, the leader and ultimately champion, Jonathan Caicedo, 25 years, He had all the support of the team and was unharmed from a phase in which he would otherwise have taken the lead.

But the success came from earlier, in the choice of the members.

The signing of Caicedo, for example, was a pulse won by the "Chivo" at a time when the Ecuadorian was very popular and was looking for changes in the air that Strongman casts.

"This is a very well formed team, it was recently the best Colombian Colombian abroad and has the structure to be a reference for the country, adding a lot more to this title", predicts Caicedo, flamboyant champion of the Vuelta a Colombia.


Juan Sebastián Molano won three of the four packings that the Vuelta had, the last of those who won in the final stage yesterday, in Medellín. Only one fall in the 3rd. stage in Armenia avoided poker for the boyacense. The sprinter, 23 years old, shows that national roads have been short for a while. It needs new challenges and expressions in Europe.


21 year old Sergio Higuita photo, the U23 champion and the top 5 of the general in this Vuelta ended two weeks ago. Owner, too, from the emblematic phase between Armenia and Manizales.

Brayan Hernández, born 21 years ago in El Carmen de Viboral, won the mountain shirt that defeated tough climbers.


The champion of Vuelta a España in 2013, Chris Horner, finished 108 between 121 runners. The national geography weighed on the 46-year-old veteran. Their presence and those of Chris Johnson, director of Team Illuminate, were especially aimed at getting delegates to the good conditions in the country for runners and first-class events.

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