The pearls of the cup matches on Tuesday – 27-08-2018

With the scandal for bad inscriptions on the sidelines, Independent, students and athletic Tucumán They will have to define their series to see if they succeed in overcoming the eighth finals of the Copa Libertadores and in the top eight in America. Good memories, undefeated and statistics that are exciting for the Argentine teams who want to stay on course.

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Independent and his good way out: In anticipation of what happens with the statement of Carlos Sanchez's bad recording, Red has to visit Santos on Tuesday at 7.30 PM. The last couple of times he had to define as a visitor, Holan's team achieved good results.

He is undefeated in the last five series that he had to define outside of Avellaneda, and in four of them he achieved the goal: for the South American in which he became champion, eliminated Alianza Lima in Peru and Deportes Iquique in Chileeven win a victory in other people's countries; and connected with Flamengo in the Maracana to keep the cup. than, connected to Gremio in the Recopa, although later lost by penalties, and He brought the Suruga Bank to Japan after a confrontation with Cerezo Osaka.

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Students, for more mysticism in Brazil: Pincha will win a 2-1 win against Gremio in Porto Alegre on Tuesday at 21:30. The La Plata team has great performances in the Brazilian countries, with triumphs remembered as the 2-1 for Cruzeiro to dedicate in the Libertadores 2009. But it was not the only one: in 1989, students for the Supercopa got their first joy in that country. The rival? Exactly the Guild, and the result was 1-0.

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Atlético wants to stay surprising: the Tucumáns achieved a good 2-0 in the away match against Atlético Nacional and play the return at 19.45 in Medellín. The Dean already has three victories in ten games in ten international tournaments and the results accompany it. He scored goals in eight of those ten games and never lost 2-0 or 4-1, the combinations that would make him disappear.

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