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Deportivo Cali is a team that is rich in tactical variants. Accustomed to having excellent flyers in all its history, this time is no different and has players like Nicolás Benedetti, Matías Cabrera, Macnelly Torres, the youthful Kevin Velasco and a real athlete like Didier Delgado, whose speed breaks every schedule, fall to the empty space

For many this midfield is the best of all that exists in Colombian football, because apart from the recovery with Andrés Pérez and Cabrera, when he has the ball, it is nice to him from left to right see play, change tempo and encourage fast transitions to tackle the opposite. They can reach them or empower the men from above.

Unfortunately the Cali in El Campín will not have a man who is important in that creative trilogy Gerardo Pelusso loves so much and in the offensive support: John Édison Mosquera, who saw the red against Medellin in the last game of the League against Millionaires. Ausente Mosquera, the Uruguayan coach, must decide if he bets on Macnelly & # 39; s experience to throw Benedetti to the left, or in the absence of that locates Kevin Velasco, who inhabits that strip by nature.

It is not a secret free throw for anyone this semester became a great goal alternative for the sugar producers with the link of the lateral Juan Camilo Angulo, and if he has not been able to celebrate so far, he will keep on trying, and for Millonarios it a new chance. He has a glove on his right leg and he knows his load very well, more with the location than with the force.

On the offensive side, the Cali has weight at the Argentine José Sand, who has made in 19 games with the Verdiblancos 10 goals, the last two against the DIM on the last date.

& # 39; Pepe & # 39; has won the fans' affection, not only because of his scoring fee, but also for the sacrifice he shows in every devotion when the team needs it most. Without fear of mistakes, when it comes to making a list with the best foreigners in the local area, Sand must be at the top.

To all these virtues the great moment has been added that the keeper passes Camilo Vargas, especially when to go on bail, although his few plants still have aspects to improve, especially in hot air balloons. As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to think about a good result of green and white in El Campín.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred
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