The representative of Pogba asks to be sold! – 21-08-2018

A new chapter for the Manchester soap series. After the surprise last Sunday against Brighton on the second day of the Premier League, the pressure cooker that today is the team, led by Mourinho. Those who shot big ammunition against the current Red Devils' peloton were Scholes, who assured that "there is a lack of leaders" and, in his opinion, Pogba would be the one who takes on that role, although "he would be the ideal candidate. "although he called it" a very bad party "and even frame it as an" inconsistent "player.

Pogba, during a match in Manchester United. "Data-portal-copyright =" "data-has-syndication-rights =" 1

Pogba, during a Manchester United game.

These words, expressed on Australian television, did not transfer to the radar of Mino Raiola, representative of the Frenchman, who broke the English via his Twitter account. "Some people have to talk for fear of being forgotten, Paul Scholes would not recognize a leader, even if he was against Winston Churchill," he wrote in his first of his tweets. But he went for more and asked audience to sell Paul: "Scholes should become sports director and advise Woodward, who is the vice president of United, to sell to Pogba, he would spend sleepless nights to find Pogba a new club . "

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What is the status of the wheel that was inaugurated as a world champion in Russia a little more than a month ago? Since the start of the transfer market, his name sounds to strengthen Barcelona. For the time being they were closed from Manchester for a possible transfer. Moreover, the more than EUR 100 million to be paid from Spain plus the player's salary, supplemented by that in England and the transfer market (can sell, but no other player hires to replace it) are the main obstacles to the time to propose a possible transfer.

The tweets of the Pogba representative:

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