Maduro rises 35 times the value of the minimum wage in Venezuela

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, today increased the minimum wage of the workers by raising it to a price 35 times higher than the current, corresponding to 30 dollars, according to the official reference rates in the country [19659002] The salary goes from 5,196,000 bolivars (20.8 or 1.30 dollars) to 180,000,000, an amount that will be expressed in "sovereign" bolivars, because the national currency is mentioned from Monday onwards when a conversion takes effect. money that will remove five zeros to the board. "I have set the minimum wage, pensions and salary base for all salary tables in the country between & # 39; petro & # 39 ;, 1800 bolivars earning minimum wage workers," he said.

The president explained that the & # 39; 39; petro & # 39; the cryptocurrency of the government has a value of 3600 sovereign bolivars (1,446 or 89.7 dollars) and reiterated that this mechanism will be the anchor of the new sovereign bolivar. "I want to announce that in the new regulation everything to change and go to an economic reconversion that prefers, the new minimum wage based and anchored in the petro for its total recovery, "he said.

Maduro explained that as the workers, pensioners receive from August 20 the same amount that will also be "the basis for the update for the coming days and weeks of all salary tables."

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He indicated that on Monday a B onus of 600 sovereign bolivars (241 or 15 dollars) will be deposited to 10 million registered in the Carné de la Patria government, a census in which the government ensures that half the population and that the opposition demands a the weapon of "social and political control".

This bonus, declared Maduro, will serve to adapt to conversion, but will only benefit one third of the population. e population.

The head of state said that the executive power "will take the difference in salary of all the small and medium-sized enterprises of the country for the next 90 days, so that there are no consequences for inflation".

He stressed that this will also include public and private companies, so they do not have "excuses" to want to raise prices. "There must be a government, we must regain the role of the state as a great regulator, the authority of the state and the government to enforce economic rules," he added.

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] These measures are part of the recovery and economic expansion program imposed by the executive from Monday onwards and hopes to emerge from the deep economic crisis .

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