The Pentagon warns that China "probably" would attack American targets world

The Pentagon has indicated through an annual report that Chinese bombers "probably" train to attack American targets and allies in the Pacific and that Beijing transforms its ground troops into "fighting and winning." [19659002] The document notes that China is consolidating its activities in the Pacific. "It has rapidly expanded its operational areas of waterborne bombers, gained experience in critical maritime regions, and is likely to be trained for attacks on US targets and allies."

Similarly, the agency emphasizes the "growing military, economic and diplomatic influence of China " and how Beijing benefits from this in order to "expand its international footprint and establish its regional dominance" [19659005] As far as the air force of the Asian country is concerned, the report states that Chinese bombers are developing capacities to attack targets "as far away as possible from China".

The PLA (People & # 39; s Liberation Army) was able to demonstrate "the ability to attack US and allied troops and military bases in the Western Pacific, including Guam," the report said.

The Pentagon repeats, as in last year's report, that China wants to establish new bases in countries like Pakistan.

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With nearly a million troops, the People's Liberation Army of China is the largest permanent army in the world.

With information from Reuters.

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