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The Venezuelan government Friday rejected the questioning by the United States of the investigation into the alleged attack against President Nicolás Maduro on 4 August.

Washington "minimizes … the seriousness of the facts and It makes false accusations against Venezuelan judicial processes in open ignorance of our laws," the Foreign Office said in a statement.

The government reiterated its claim that the attack with two drones loaded with explosives, near the platform where Maduro gave a speech during a military parade, was "planned and conducted from the US territory."

The & # 39; cynical accusations & # 39; of the White House try to meddle & # 39; with the policy of the oil country and the political group that promotes destabilization and violence in the country & # 39; to improve.

In a statement released this Friday, Spokeswoman of the US Department of State, Heather Nauert, condemned the "political violence" of August 4, but regretted that "the Venezuelan government's response to this incident arbitrarily affected some people imprisoned and not followed the right process. "

"In addition, there are violations of parliamentary immunity, protected by the Constitution of Venezuela, and the United States condemns the alleged use of torture to obtain confessions," the text says.

Due to controversial events, fourteen people were arrested in Venezuela, including the opposition leader Juan Requesens, the general of the national guard Alejandro Pérez Gámez and Colonel Pedro Zambrano.

Peru replies

Peru's chief inspector of migrations, Eduardo Sevilla, explained in a press conference that "there has been no immigration control of the arrival or departure of the country" from Gregorio José Yaguas Monje, alias Latino, and Yaver Alberto Escalona, ​​alias Pastor, the two citizens who had proposed the Venezuelan chancellor, Jorge Arreaza, Wednesday that they would be in Peru.

The rest of the names of a list of nine people that would be linked to the attack on 4 August, a document that the Venezuelan government handed over to the Peruvian authorities to carry out the corresponding investigations.

It contains the identity of six military officers and an ex-policeman who is in general. of the Venezuelan justice since 2017.

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The verifications by the Peruvian authorities are framed in international law, which consists of comparing information from the migration office with the names and surnames of the nine people, as indicated by Sevilla.

In this connection he pointed out that the verification of the army and the police with the respective searches of homonyms, after which an official answer is given to the Foreign Ministry.

The Venezuelan government said the attack was aimed at ending the life of Maduro and the president himself. He blamed this fact of the former Colombian governor Juan Manuel Santos and the Venezuelan opposition depotes Julio Borges and Juan Requesens, the last in custody.

The Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked the Peruvian embassy in Caracas to find two Venezuelans on Wednesday & # 39; with the murder of frustration against Maduro and the country's high authorities, "when, in a military parade, a drone who flew over the act exploded and injured seven people.

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