3 factors to be considered at the heat pump

The heat pump is also part of the city's policy by looking for a heat source, not only in new buildings, but it is also one of the most useful when renovating buildings or storing the starch system. When the heat pump is installed, account must be taken of the factor that the installation program has encountered. This is due to bt on the picture, so experts from Panasonic recommend at least a few factors that are the same as those on the pump.

  • Performance and performance of the heat pump
  • Efficiency of the heat pump
  • The point of bias

Performance and innovation

How the heat pump should be used for heat dissipation in the object. To reliably heat the premises, the pump must either pump or not heat it. For new buildings you will find this energy-related building or energetic dictation (of the building), in the case of buildings you have to look at it. "The highest skill for the heat loss of two authorized technicians It is also necessary to install and install a company that, thanks to its expertise and experience, not only has the necessary parameters such as the surface of the heating system, building materials thermal insulation, but also the local fluctuations of the pumping station, at Radek Vanduch, Panasonic's main department for heating and cooling.


The efficiency of the heat pumps is the value of the heating factor (COP)
and energy efficiency coefficient (EER) in cooling mode. COP udv how much heat the pump can produce from the supplied electricity. COP 3 means that at the moment of 1 kW the heat pump produces 3 kW of heat energy with the temperature required to heat or heat the water. In the case of COP, 1 kWh of electricity was consumed in the heat, which was converted into 2 kWh of thermal energy is collected from the prody.
In the case of cooled EER's, however, the same ratio, but the energy consumed in the cold produced can not be a waste or temperature and is therefore brought to the outside environment.
As far as traffic is concerned, the values ​​of the SCOP and SEER indicators are equal to the average seasonal values ​​for ammunition with both climatic and operational conditions because of the characteristics of the system that is connected throughout the year.
Consider the temperature at which they are set for all parameters. The value of 2.5 by 0 C is obviously in the mountains, not if it would apply to a temperature of -10 ° C. The temperature of the heat pumps decreases with the drop in the outside temperature.

The point of bias

The bivalent point is an outside temperature at which the heat pump fails to reduce the heat loss of the output and needs a heat source, for example an electric spiral being pumped. Of course, at the moment the heat pump does not use the resource, the COP heating factor decreases, the plant can work and the operating costs are increased. In our region, we show the need for a temperature difference between -7 ° C and -10 ° C. "Just look at the heat pump, with a bivalent source, he is able to supply the required hot water even at high temperatures, such as -20 C," dodd by Radek Vanduch.

More information about heat pumps and air conditioners can be found at www.aircon.panasonic.cz.

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