Coca-Cola buys the second largest café chain in the world. The growth is mainly expected in China

Costa is the second largest chain of cafés in the world. It is also active in the Czech Republic, where it has 46 cafés.

author: Reuters

The American liquor giant Coca-Cola, which has been buying since 2012, has decided to fight for coffee lovers. That is why, for $ 5.1 billion (about 112 billion kroner), it will take over the Costa Coffee chain, with more than 3,800 cafes in thirty-three countries.

It is the largest acquisition of Coca-Cola in the last eight years to enable it to acquire a strong position in the global coffee business. British Costa Coffee is the second largest coffee chain in the world, directly behind the Starbucks-American chain.

Acquisitions that pave the way for growth

Americans buy Costu from the British hotel and restaurant chain Whitbread, which wants to concentrate on its core business – the emerging hotel brand Premier Inn – notes the Financial Times.

5.1 billion

dollars pay Coca-Cola for the British company Costa Coffee and will also become a major player in the market for hot drinks.

23 percent

is the share of Nestlé & # 39; s Swiss company on the world market for consumer coffee and its production.

"For Coca-Cola, buying Costa Coffee is very useful, and the most visible benefit is the growth potential that the UK chain has on an international scale," said Jonathan Davison, who oversees the beverage market at GlobalData. Particularly valuable is the presence of Costa Coffee on the Chinese market, where the consumption of hot drinks has more than doubled in the past five years.

"The market for hot drinks is one of the few in the world of the beverage industry, where we are not represented by a global brand," said Coca-Coll James Quincey for Bloomberg. In addition to sweetened carbonated drinks, the company also includes drinks based on coffee or tea. For example, she sells coffee from Georgia in Japan.

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  • The article also reads which other acquisitions have recently been made on the market for packaged coffee and coffee products.

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