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Sixteen people replicated for ten months, which means that the development and construction cost more than 13,000 hours of work. On Thursday, Bugatti Chiron made a public debut for the Italian Formula 1 GP in Monza.

The functional full-size model is on the steel frame and has original Bugatti wheels and genuine safety belts. Otherwise it is built in Lego Technics and it is powered by Lego Power Function.


Photogallery: In Kladno they built mobile bugatti from Lega

source: Lego

These engines are not designed for something so big, so do not expect real hypersport performance. In Leog 2304 electric motors were connected and connected by 4032 gears, but Lego Chiron only has 5.3 hp and can drive 30 km / h.

The real Chiron has 300 times more power and the maximum electronically limited to 420 km / h …

Anyway, a pilot is normal in the car and can drive like a normal car. He just goes slowly enough and enjoys himself …

The body consists of triangular parts that resemble the smooth surface of the real Chiron. There is also a complete interior including the seats and the steering wheel. The car also has functional lighting, a rear spoiler and a rev counter.

The testing took place in June at the Ehra Lessien test track in Germany, where the actual Chiron was also tested. Bugatti ambassador, former 24-hour champion Le Mans Andy Wallace, was behind the cube wheel. "I never thought that one day I would drive … But it was a great experience," Wallace said.

They led to Lego last year and built the McLaren 720S out of 280,000 out of the kit. The model was life-size but not mobile.

Legacy has already started on the BMW i8 or Volvo XC90. We'll see if he builds Bugatti Divo, the new king of hypersports, who first appeared to the public a few days ago.

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