IKEA opens a store for "eaters" who do not want to squeeze a box on the outskirts of the city

The new Czech IKEA pop-up store offers customers 737 square meters of merchandise, the average trade of the company is thirty-five times larger.

Prague – The Swedish IKEA furniture chain opens its fifth store in the Czech Republic in the center of Prague on Thursday. The so-called pop-up store is much smaller than standard department stores and the main goal is not to sell as much furniture as possible, but to attract new customers.

Those who do not have a car or do not want to wander for hours through a labyrinth on the outskirts of the city, they can still take a simple Scandinavian style in the area of ​​the First Republic House on Wenceslas Square in Prague.

IKEA Point, as the new place is called, offers the best of the range of living space companies on an area of ​​less than 740 square meters (35 times smaller than the average IKEA store in the Czech Republic) every day from 9 am to 9 pm business in the advantage from customers. Besides the news, people will find limited collections of designers and iconic products from the company, in the planning studio they will be able to design their own interior and refresh themselves in the café.

"The department stores are still at the core of IKEA, but we want to be closer to our customers and meet them in different places, including IKEA Point on Wenceslas Square," explains Mounia El Hilali, CEO of IKEA Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, how the new concept fits into the IKEA strategy.

The store design is designed in a minimalistic Scandinavian spirit. According to the company, it has been designed as a source of "inspiration, pleasure and relaxation for customers", creating the desire to order goods remotely via the internet.

On the ground floor, which has high ceilings, there are high living walls, and benches and home accessories are divided between them. The first floor offers extra living furniture, but also a planning studio and a café that looks like an alternative music club. Customers are served by 30 employees of the company.

"The IKEA Point environment is very monochrome, we have chosen to retain concrete elements, color to space will only yield IKEA products," says Klára Hausenblasová, interior designer at IKEA, where the first floor is designed to be quickly upgraded to customers. . The collections are replaced in the shop four times a year, as in the classic store.

The entire bag will be delivered within 24 hours

Planning studios have tables that look like drawing boards. With them a designer can design an interior of his own apartment on the monitor. Along the walls he finds for inspiration all the examples of materials that he can use when planning. They are both colorful covers, doors, drawers or handles.

Buyers will also be able to use a new service, the so-called "blue bag". For a fee of CZK 99 they can order any small assortment from the metropolis center to the iconic Frakta bag of 71 liters and IKEA is delivered to IKEA within 24 hours. "We are ready for a hundred such orders per day and will be on location every morning at 8 o'clock," says Peter Tichý, head of the entire pop-up project.

IKEA Point was created as a temporary space for the furniture group to test a new concept of smaller spaces in the city center. Customers change their store style according to their surveys and the company wants to find out how they can best take it so that they do not keep growing.

Budapest will follow

Prague is the eighth pop-up store that the Swedish chain has built. The first store in this style opened a year and a half ago in Madrid. If the concept, which stood in the Czech branch of 17 million kroner, will prove successful throughout the year, IKEA wants to expand it further in the region. The goal is to have a thousand visitors per day and an annual turnover of around one hundred million crowns.

"Prague and Budapest are our main goals in the region, but if the project is successful, we can expand it to other larger cities," says Tichý.

IKEA is the world's largest producer of household appliances. In 1943 he founded Ingvar Kamprad, whose grandmother had roots in the Czech Republic. The company manages 355 department stores in 29 countries. IKEA Group stores welcomed 817 million visitors in 2017 and www.ikea.com published 2.1 billion entries.

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