Misleading sms lies to the people of the press because they have not been ordered. Cl for seniors

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Depending on the customer, your mailbox has been sent and will be delivered within a few days (company name). Prepare a piece (in pc) Kc for delivery. Good day!

On the morning of the afternoon, all employees of the center and the company inspection competed more than those who had received this misleading SMS, mainly because of the fact that, in the first half of this year, they did not order anything. But it is a good thing for you.

There is another price for another SMS. One day they are kneaded for 1 580 crowns and you can pay 2,500 crowns. In terms of fixation tools for the inspiration of thumbs, drops in the u, but also for the motor vehicle, Ondej Tichot of the European Consumer Center informed the business inspection of psobcho pi eska.

According to the center, the logistics company, which distributes the first medical devices and articles for the elderly, is behind the misleading Polish SMS Polish logistics company. A member of this consumer group is no coincidence.

There is a high risk that if you do not order it you pay and pay a lot to pay it. The risk is that you call the same and order in the same way in the past. We are now confused that the SMS has not been signed and that the address and address of the sender have also been canceled.

The ESC therefore cautiously warns the petitioners to mislead the SMS and not to pay for it. If we take it only by the coach, but do not pay it, we are not obliged to return it. This duty, that is to say the consumer back to the consumer, everything is pervasive.

According to the Center there is no experience with this poor Polish logistics company. Of some consumers who bought a long (e-shop), everyone did not accept the contract without hesitation and did not rent it.

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