The Linux user takes a vacation

The programmer acknowledged that when he was personal during the development of a new version of Linux in personal e-mails, he might have hurt some people or prevented him from doing the next job.

San Francisco – Linus Torvalds, inventor of the Linux operating system, decided to take a break in his professional life. Fifty-eighty-year-old Finn is known for the fury of anger he wants to work to keep his behavior outside his environment.

He acknowledged that if he was personal during the development of a new version of Linux in his personal e-mails, he might hurt others or even discourage them from working again. From Torvald's notes to the current version of Linux, the DPA quoted it.

Torvalds has only made a small fraction of what users now know as Linux – it is estimated that about 2 percent of the code is from his head. Most of them are written by programmers from around the world, from the beginning the source code of the Tux penguin system is open.

Torvalds stressed that his explosions had solved work problems on the spot when he wanted the new versions of Linux to be completed. Life has always had the problem of understanding the feelings of others. Now, however, he has come to the conclusion that there has been a lot of dissatisfaction with his behavior in the Linux developer community.

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