The region Ústí nad Labem signs a contract with RegioJet

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The region Ústí nad Labem signs a contract with RegioJet

The Ústí region concludes a contract for the operation of trains on three railways with RegioJet, the municipal councilor agreed to. Selected airlines should drive on the routes by the end of 2019. Czech Railways will ensure the operation of the backbone lines, said Deputy Governor Jaroslav Kominek (KSČM).

For CZK 1.005 million per year, the Ústecký kraj RegioJetu CZK pays 149 million. The contract is for ten years, so until 2029. "We already agree that the Council has instructed me to enter into a contract with the company, whose text we will now update, and we want to avoid the problems we had with the bus company, so we add much more insurance. to the text in case a similar situation occurs on the railway in the future, « Kominek said.

RegioJet has submitted two quotes to the council member. The management of the region has opted for a variant with cars with low floor and air conditioning, in which passengers have electric plugs, a Wi-Fi network, barrier-free toiletries and equipment and a bicycle and pram set. The train sets are designed for a speed of 140 kilometers per hour.

Research into other railways has been announced by the region. "In total there are four packages with several rules: the first concerns electrified vehicles, the other we have already mentioned are diesel vehicles, the third is the Lounska area and the last Šluknovska region,« said the head of the Transport Department of the Ústí nad Labem region Jindřich Franěk.

The backbone lines are part of a package that dissolves the region directly with the Czech railways. In order to acquire vehicles on these lines, the Czech Railways received a European subsidy, the contract with the region is now available until 2024. »There are about eight million kilometers a year in the entire region, four million kilometers directly to the Czech Railways,« Kominek said.

The Ústí nad Labem region is continuing its efforts to restore the operation of trains on two damaged railway lines. In Moldavia in the Ore Mountains, trains will probably return in November and stop there for a year and a half. The government has rejected the renewal of the route through the central Bohemian highlands, which in 2013 was destroyed by a huge landslide. »We want to resume talks with the Ministry of Transport, trains are not only used by tourists, but also by people on their way to work, to school. So we want to know what's going on with this number, " Kominek said.


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